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Helius high quality – low cost


Helius is a high quality but low cost led product .




     Industrial design and assembly

     Ip protection

     Dust protection

     All parts are stainless steel except the cooler body that is alluminium

     Ultra high luminous Intensity  > 1900 lumen!

     Very cool daylight white color

     Low power consumption 22 watt

     Easy plug m12 male 4-pin connector ip protected

     wide angle view for homogeneous lighting


mA min.: 800 mA
mA typ.: 1000 mA
mA max.: 1100 mA
V min.: 24 V
V typ.: 24 V
Watt: 24 W

leds used:

49 high brightness osram duris smd leds
(Osram Duris E5 Datasheet here<–)



Lighting techniques:


The design is special for back light techniques bat due to its large intensity it can be used as dome or direct light.


bright field         diffuse on-axis                  diffuse off-axis                    back light



 Power up cable:

You can power up the light via a stamdart m12 female cable 4 pin.

Note that brown wire pin 1  is  V+ 24vdc and blue wire pin 3 is gnd.

pin1 : brown ,V+

pin2: N.C.

pin3: blue , GND

pin4: N.C.

18604 arrows_green_red telemecanique_xzcp_elbowed_prewired_connector-500x500


 Operating mode:


It is strongly recommended to use the light in on/off or strobe mode without heat sink.

Necessarily apply heat sink for continuous mode operation to avoid overheating the device.

recommended heat sink:

heatsink heatsink2


 Diffussers and colors:

Helius comes to you with a milked white Plexiglas window that gives you the ability for back light and homogeneous lighting.

However you can apply different protected windows with colors to change the  emitting color of the light.

We offer a air sandy plastic, clear , red ,blue , green.






Recommended on/off driver circuits.


Most digital cameras has their own acquisition start signals.

   You can use the ready solid state relay modules available in the market by the most famous manufacturers .

According to your signal choose one that fulfills your needing.E.g this s.s.r. is for 24 volt input:

miniature s.s.r.


    A very simple and easy circuit diagram that can connect these signal to the light is available also:






Some more photos:


DSCN1489 DSCN1491 DSCN1488 DSCN1482



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